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Nature's Temple / Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw

(Harpagophytum procumbens)

Active Constituents:  Iridoid, glycosides (harpogoside, hapragide and procumbine), sugars, gum-resin, Beta-sitosterols.

Pharmacological Actions:  Antiphlogistic (prevent or relieve inflammation or fever), Antidiabetic, Antirheumatic

Indications:  Devil’s Claw is mainly used for arthritis.  Being an African plant it gains its rather forbidding name from it’s large hooked, claw-like fruit which has been known to trap and injure livestock grazing where it grows.

It is mainly the tuber which is used in herbal medicine.  Recent French and German studies have confirmed that Devil’s Claw has strong anti-inflammatory properties comparable to cortisone and phenylbutazone.  Its healing reputation for treating arthritis and myalgia has spread far and wide.

This plant also appears to be diuretic, stimulates the liver, gall bladder and the lymphatic system and lowers blood sugar.

It can be combined with Celery Seed or Meadowsweet int he treatment of arthritis.

Contraindications:  As Devil’s Claw can stimulate the uterine muscle, it should be avoided during pregnancy.  Excessive doses uterine contractions may occur.  It has a hypoglycaemic action and can reduce insulin requirements in diabetic patients.