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Nature's Temple / Marshmallow


(Althea officinalis)

Parts Used: Root and leaf

Active Constituents:

  • Mucilage (in the root up to 35% and in the leaf about 10%), the mucilage content of the root is highest in winter.  Asparagin, tannins and pectin.

Main Actions:


  • Demulcent (forms a soothing film over the mucous membranes)
  • Diuretic
  • Emollient (softening or soothing the skin)
  • Vulnerary (the healing of wounds)


  • Demulcent
  • Emollient
  • Expectorant (encourages the expulsion of phlegm)
  • Diuretic

Major Safety Issues:

  • Prolonged use of the root dococtions may cause avitaminosis and mineral salt deficiency.  Large amounts of the mucilage found in the root prevents absorption of vitamins and salts from the intestinal tract.