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About Trudy Kither, Naturopath

Me-on-Mothers-Day-2016Hi and welcome to my website!

I’m Trudy and I’d like to share something important with you…..

First of all, I’m not your typical naturopath.

And it might also surprise you that I don’t expect you to be perfect or get perfect!

I believe that if you want to, you can have that glass of wine or go out for a special dinner with your friends and family.  Because some of us still want to know that we are at least able to do it SOME of the time.

Otherwise it can just get too overwhelming for us.

The search for perfection (or ultimate health) ends up getting people “bamboozled” by all the conflicting information and the constant emerging “SUPER” trends every day.

So, what happens next is……..

1. People who are concerned about their health put ‘being healthy’ in the too hard and too expensive basket.  They then fall back into (if it was ever fixed in the first place) the suffering with fatigue, stress symptoms, digestive discomfort, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, headaches, bad skin etc.


2. They become so obsessive with everything they hear whilst believing everything they hear in the media that they allow it to consume their lives. These people follow restrictive diets, take tons of supplements and become socially isolated while doing so.

But there really is another option….

I believe having GREAT health is achievable for everyone. I believe you can enjoy life AND be healthy without sacrificing one or the other.

So many people you talk to think it’s just “what you put up with”and it becomes normal.  They suffer daily from gut problems, bloating, headaches, heavy and painful periods, pain and inflammation.

People are now too busy meeting the needs of other people and their commitments that they feel they don’t “have time” to look after themselves.  But it doesn’t have to BE that way, you don’t have to FEEL that way and YES everyone DOES have time!

My health and well programs are perfect for busy people who care for others.  This is because even though they felt better and have energy to do some exercise, they can actually see and feel the results for themselves.

So what will my Wellness Program be able to do for YOU?

·       Weight and fat lossFlasks with Herbs & Flowers in it

·       Detoxification

·       Inflammation

·       Recovery from Injury

·       Convalescence

·       Improved Health and Vitality

·       Keeping up with the challenges of every day life




Trudy Kither, is an accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist who blends her Traditional Medicine and Nutrition training with her love of creating personalised medicines, energy healing, essential oils, and is also a Certified Assertiveness Coach.

She has a strong connection to the natural world and believes that nature and one’s own mind holds the key to healing and growing stronger from living a more natural, healthy and empowered life.

She loves working with people to help them gain knowledge and understanding of how their bodies and minds work together to create “dis-ease” and then to help heal, grow and make them stronger.

Her philosophy is to treat patients with compassion and respect and speak in terms that the patient can understand and embrace.

Her main goal is to create long-lasting results with the patient gaining greater knowledge of how to achieve greater control over their health and most importantly to maintain it.