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Nature's Temple apothecary-historic-retail_edited LARGEST PHOTOI blend my Traditional Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Naturopathic Qualifications with my love of crafting personalised medicines & tonics, supplements, energy healing, essential oils, and am also a Certified Assertiveness Coach.

With a longstanding passion in herbal medicine and how the body’s processes work, I am passionate about working with people to help them gain knowledge and understanding of how their bodies and minds work together to create “dis-ease” and then to help heal, grow and make them stronger.

My main goal is to create long-lasting results with the patient gaining greater knowledge of how to achieve greater control over their health and most importantly to maintain it.

My philosophy

My philosophy is to treat patients with compassion and respect and speak in terms that the patient can understand and embrace.

Health and healing are so much more than our physical bodies. Yes, the physical does play a significant role. I treat the whole body rather than just the presenting physical symptoms of an issue, such as most medically trained doctors do.

I believe you must be willing to delve a little deeper, to treat the cause of the symptoms and eliminate them for good!

My Approach

I love to combine all the tools at my disposal to help you. Whether this means combining my naturopathic skills with state of the art diagnostic tools or prescribing and filling a specially crafted blend of personalised herbal extracts for our appointment together, I have learnt that there’s no single approach that will be right for everyone.

I have a special interest in gut/digestive problems, thyroid and adrenal fatigue, chronic and acute pain and inflammation, weight gain, sleep disorders and nutrition training.

Nature’s Temple Clinic

My clinic has a fully stocked liquid Herbal Dispensary to fill my patients and other practitioners scripts while also combining “practitioner” only products (such as Metagencis and Bioceuticals) as well.

I offer individual Naturopathic Treatments and Programs to help my patients achieve effective and lasting results whilst trying to keep the patient’s budget and long term goals in mind.

I understand the importance of treating the body as a whole, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

I will focus on righting the imbalances in the body starting from your cellular health right through to your mental and emotional state and treat you as a respected person and not just as a number!

My Special Areas of Interest Include

• Chronic, Acute Pain & Inflammation which damages tissue integrity which ultimately results in our resilience decreasing and we are more susceptible to disease, illness and fatigue.
This alone can systemically influence just about every other system in the body. It is one of the most widespread and debilitating health issues that our society faces in these times.

• gut and digestive problems

• stress, anxiety and just not feeling “quite right”

• insomnia and disrupted sleep

• women and children’s health issues

• thyroid issues

• fatigue

• liver health, detoxes, toxic overload

• weight issues and not being able to shift the weight (even if you are doing everything “right”)!

I also offer a range of non-invasive testing for everything from Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to Hormones, Adrenal Stress, Thyroid etc.

Private Health Rebates Apply to Trudy’s consultations.

Ph: 0408 900 596 for appointments.

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