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  • Andrographis


    Also called King of bitters, for preventative benefits and treatment of many infectious diseases due to its powerful immune strengthening benefits.
    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Arjuna


    Arjuna is a popular Indian medicinal plant, its bark being used as a cardiotonic agent from time immemorial. This well known heart tonic is used extensively in cardiac debility and is best known for its special properties of strengthening the muscles of the heart and subsequent improved pumping activity of the heart. Its blood coagulating properties are extremely useful in stopping bleeding. A decoction of the bark is used to wash ulcers and is taken internally for liver congestion and as an antidote to poisons, especially snakebite and scorpion stings. The juice of the leaves is a remedy for earache.

    Arjuna is also used traditionally in the treatment of red and swollen mouth, tongue and gums, dysentery, skin eruptions, pains, fatigue, diabetes, bronchitis and obesity. It effectively controls menstrual disorders such as menorrhagia and leucorrhoea caused by a laxity of the uterus.. More details…

  • Arnica

    It is both a famous herbal and homeopathic remedy for wounds, bruises and other injuries of all kinds.  Arnica extract has been reported to increase the resistance of animals to bacterial infection by stimulating the action of white blood cells to clear away harmful bacteria.  It has for instance been shown to be effective against salmonella.  It has been used extensively for strains and bruises and contusions More details…

  • Astragalus


    Investigations in China indicate that Astragalus is diuretic and that it lowers blood pressure and increases endurance.  Recent American research focused on the ability of Astragalus to restore normal immune function in cancer patients.   Clinical evidence suggests that as which a number of other herbs, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy recover faster and live longer if given Astragalus concurrently.

    Chronic fatigue, persistent infections, night sweats, multiple allergies, glandular fever

    The herb helps to counteract tiredness and lack of appetite in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer. Soothing and healing for stomach ulcers.  Liquid Herbal Extract   More details…

  • Baical Skullcap


    Extensive use of the baical skullcap is now also suggested to treat all kinds of allergic conditions, with the evidence from recent research. Thus this remedy is suggested for use in the treatment of conditions like asthma, conditions such as hay fever, skin disorders such as eczema and in the treatment of nettle rash. The remedy is thus mainly used for the treatment of topical disorders of the skin, even if the anti-inflammatory properties will no doubt be much more effective and useful in treating all sorts of digestive infections and problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

    Circulation and disorders of the circulatory system also benefit from remedies based on the baical skullcap; indeed this herb is a very valuable remedy for all problems related to the circulation of blood.   Baical skullcap is used in herbal combination formulas with other herbs, and such remedies are used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, problems like arteriosclerosis, disorders such as varicose veins, and to prevent easy bruising of the skin…  More details…

  • Black Cohosh


    It is mainly used to treat rheumatism, osteoarthritis and to relieve muscular and neurological pain.  It has a powerful relaxant action and a normalizer of the female reproductive system.  Ovarian cramps or cramping pain in the womb will be relieved by this herb.  It balances the female sex hormones and may safely be used to regain normal hormonal activity.  Very active in the treatment of rheumatic conditions of all kinds.  It will reduce spasm and so aid the treatment of pulmonary complaints such as whooping cough.  It may also be used in the treatment of tinnitus.  In homeopathic medicine, it is mainly used for the treatment of female ailments and menopausal problems….  More details…

  • Black Walnut Hulls


    It is an excellent remedy in combination with other herbs for worms, intestinal parasites such as pinworm, ringworm and tapeworm.  It is used in fungal, bacterial and viral infections such as candida, athlete’s foot, sore throat and tonsillitis.  Black Walnut is also indicated for constipation, diarrhea, reduce excessive sweating and skin and parasitic infections. ….  More details…

  • Bladderwrack


    The weight-reducing reputation of bladderwrack is probably due to its effect on an underactive thyroid.  It has proved most useful in the treatment of under active thyroid glands and goiter.  Through regulation of the thyroid function, there is an improvement in all associated symptoms.   An undetermined extract of Fucus has been shown to stimulate the thyroid beyond the effect of iodine.  It has been extensively used in obesity due to both the bulking qualities and increased thyroid activity.

    Where obesity is associated with thyroid trouble, this herb may be helpful in reducing the excess weight.  It is also used in providing relief for rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, used internally and externally as compresses and plasters which reduce the inflammation and pain of arthritis. More details…

  • Boneset


    It is considered an excellent remedy for the associated symptoms that accompany influenza.  Will quickly relieve the aches and pains as well as assist the body in dealing with any fever that is present.  It is also considered useful in clearing the upper respiratory tract of mucous congestion.  It can also assist in clearing the body of any build-up of waste and ease constipation.  It is also used to treat stomach disorders related to biliary tract disorders and biliousness. More details…

  • Bupleurum


    This herb is used for chronic inflammatory disorders, poor liver function, feverish conditions, influenza and the common cold.  It is a bitter and cold herb, acting as a diaphoretic (for fever management), and restores and regulates gastrointestinal and liver function.  Also used for alternating chills and fever (eg. Malaria), liver enlargement, prolapse of the uterus and rectum, menstrual problems, epigastric pain, nausea and indigestion.  Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Burdock


    Considered one of the best depuratives and is used for skin disorders (in particular eczema – the dry kinds, psoriasis and other chronic skin disorders and boils).  Any disorders requiring increased elimination from the body such as gout and rheumatism.  Skin eruptions are indicated especially where weak circulation and impaired nutrition exist.  It is also used in anorexia nervosa and dyspepsia.  Considered an excellent blood purifier which is why it is used to treat many skin conditions and diseases. Also used as a wash for ulcers, a poultice for boils, scurvy and rheumatism.  Burdock is used to cleanse the lymphatic system and kidneys.. More details…

  • Californian Poppy


    Californian Poppy is a gentle balancer to the emotions and a calming remedy during times of stress.  It is valuable in the treatment of addiction withdrawal whether it be alcohol, drugs, pharmaceutical drugs or tobacco.  Traditionally it is used in the treatment of …
    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Capsicum


    Also called King of bitters, for preventative benefits and treatment of many infectious diseases due to its powerful immune strengthening benefits.
    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Celery


    Celery Seed is useful for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and gout.  Especially used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis where there is an associated mental depression.  The diuretic action is involved in the rheumatic conditions and are also used as a urinary antiseptic.  Also used in the treatment of inflammation of the urinary tract and cystitis.  Celery seed oil taken internally can increase liver regeneration.  Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Chamomile


    Chamomile’s nutritional values are well established through years of traditional and scientific use and research.

    It has calming, carminative and spasmolytic properties, and is also a popular ingredient in topical health and beauty products for its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on skin.

    It is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal complaints such as bloating, dyspepsia, impaired digestion, colitis, minor spasms, diverticulitis, infantile colic, flatulence, Crohn’s Disease and constipation in children.

    Chamomile is also indicated for gastric and duodenal ulcers, anxiety, restlessness, sleep disorders and mild cases of insomnia due to nervous complaints, menopausal conditions, migraine, children’s teething problems, vertigo (dizziness), travel and morning sicknesses, asthma, eye strain, urinary infections, diarrhea and symptoms of the common cold such as sinusitis, bronchitis, nasal congestion and hay fever.  Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Chaste Tree (Vitex)


    Chaste Tree has a hormonal effect on the body.

    For the male, it is thought to have an anti-androgenic action, inhibiting the action of male androgens (sex hormones).

    For the female it has a progestrogenic effect acting on the pituitary gland which regulates the menstrual cycle.  It is beneficial in treating PMS (premenstrual syndrome), regulates hormones by increasing progesterogenic activity and can help to balance progesterone and oestrogen production by the ovaries.

    It is traditionally prescribed by Western herbalists to treat ..More details…

  • Cinnamon


    It’s medicinal value is mainly due to its volatile oil which has antiviral and stimulating properties.  Cinnamon can also be used as a carminative addition to other herbs.  In India and Europe, it has been traditionally taken as a warming herb for “cold” conditions, especially to the fingers and toes.  Also, it is used for digestive problems such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as well as aching muscles and other symptoms of viral conditions such as colds.  It is very much a supportive and strengthening herb when used for weak digestions. It does stimulate the uterus and encourage menstrual bleeding.  Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Clivers


    Clivers is used in the treatment of urinary tract inflammation and is useful in cases of cystitis.

    As a lymphatic tonic with alterative and diuretic actions it may be used for a wide range of problems where the lymphatic system is involved.  Swollen glands anywhere in the body and especially in tonsillitis and adenoid trouble.  Liquid Herbal Extract . More details…

  • Clove

    • Pain Relieving Properties (analgesic)
    • Anti Microbial
    • Anti Bacterial
    • Liver Protection
    • Diabetes Control
    • Bone Preservation
    • Chemo-Preventative Properties
    • Digestive Properties
    • Anti Mutagenic Properties
    • The minerals in cloves includes calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc. The vitamins found in cloves include vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

    Liquid Herbal Extract   More details…

  • Coleus


    Not long to go now – info on its way! More details…

  • Cramp Bark


    As Crampbark reveals by its name, the main use as a muscle relaxer of tension and spasm.   Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Damiana

    • Tonic for the nervous system due to its thymol which is antiseptic and a tonic.
    • Used for mild to moderate depression and nervous exhaustion due to its stimulating and restorative properties when these two symptoms happen together which often happens in long term stress.
    • Restorative tonic for the reproductive organs of both sexes.
    • Often given for painful and delayed periods.  Given for headaches due to periods.
    • Urinary antiseptic.
    • Mild laxative and used for the treatment of constipation due to poor bowel and muscle tone.
    • Used with Oats as a nerve tonic.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Dandelion Leaf

    • A digestive tonic for constipation, liver and gall bladder disease, rheumatism and skin diseases.
    • Leaves contain Vitamins A, B, C, D (the Vitamin A content is higher than carrots); Potassium and Iron.
    • Dandelion replaces potassium lost through diuresis, so does not have the potential side effects of pharmaceutical diuretics.

    More details…

  • Dandelion Root


    Digestive tonic for liver, gall bladder problems, constipation, rheumatism and skin diseases.

    Unlike conventional diuretics dandelion does not leach potassium from the body -it’s rich potassium content replaces the potassium that is lost from the body.

    It is a diuretic, cholagogue, anti-rheumatic, laxative and tonic.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Devil’s Claw

    • Treatment of arthritis and myalgia
    • Diuretic
    • Stimulates the liver, gall bladder and lymphatic system
    • Pain relieving properties similar to that of cortisol and phenybutazone.
    • Lowers blood sugar levels
    • Anti-inflammatory properties

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Dong Quai


    This herb is a useful expectorant for coughs, bronchitis and pleurisy, especially when accompanied by fever, colds or influenza.  The leaf can be used as a compress in inflammation of the chest.

    It contains carminative essential oil which explains it’s use in intestinal colic and flatulence.

    As a digestive agent, it stimlates the appetite and can be useful in cases of anorexia.

    Can also be used in the treatment of cystitis and urinary inflammation.

    Has a mild sedative action similar to valerian.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Echinacea blend


    Echinacea is considered the prime remedy to help rid the body of microbial infections and is effective against both bacterial and viral attacks.

    It is especially useful in infectious fevers and for infections of the upper respiratory tract such as laryngitis, tonsillitis and for mucous conditions of the nose and sinus.

    Can be combined with a wide variety of other plants for specific conditions.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Elder Flower


    Elder Flowers reduce bronchial and upper respiratory catarrh (mucous) and are used to treat hayfever.

    For colds and fevers it can be combined with Peppermint, Yarrow or Hyssop, depending om the symptoms. For influenza combine with Boneset.

    The bioflavanoids in the plant encourage c circulation and are sweat inducing in a hot infusion.

    This plant possess more therapeutic qualities than any other species of elder and all of its parts are useful.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…

  • Elderberry

    Best known for flavouring cordials, Elderberry now has Clinical research that shows it is effective to use for colds and flu’s and the symptoms associated with them (such as coughs, mucous, nasal congestion and fever) due to its immunomodulating and antioxidant effects.  It is also a valuable herb to be used for Herpes Viral Infections and to support healthy immunity.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details..

  • Elecampene


    Excellent herb for irritating bronchial coughs, especially in children.  Can be used wherever excessive mucous is formed for example, bronchitis or emphysema.  The expectoration caused by this herb is accompanied by a soothing action and antibacterial effect.  Can be used in the treatment of asthma and bronchitic asthma.

    Liquid Herbal extract. More details…