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Nature's Temple / Thuja


(Thuja occidentalis)

Parts Used:  Young twigs, leafy twigs

Active Constituents:

Volatile Oil (1%), containing thijone (up to 60%), borneol and fenchone.  Also flavonoid glycoside, mucilage, tannins and bitter principles.

Main Actions:

  • Expectorant (promotes the expulsion of phlegm from the chest)
  • Stimulant to smooth muscles
  • Diuretic (encourages the flow of urine and relieves fluid retention)
  • Astringent
  • Alterative (alters the body’s natural processes to bring it back to a state of balance)
  • Emmmenagogue (promotes the flow of menstruation)

Major Safety Issues:

  • Do not use during pregnancy due to its stimulant effect on smooth muscles of the uterus.
  • Toxic when ingested in excessive doses.
  • Can cause abortion by producing reflect uterine contractions.
  • Regular use of the oil or concentrated thuja extracts can cause bleeding from the stomach, degeneration of the liver and renal damage.