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Nature's Temple / Vervain


(Verbena officinalis)

Despite the inconspicous nature of this little lilac-blue lower vervain was one of the first magical herbs of antiquity.  Considered sacred and a wizard’s herb for casting spells and a vital ingredient of magical potions.  Druids held it in as high esteem as Mistletoe and most probably the Romans who used it to crown ambassadors and similar dignitaries.

The Druids cleansed their altars with an infusion of vervain.  It was important for spells, divination, magic medicine and for amulets to protect against witchcraft and evil.

Parts Used: Aerial parts

Active Constituents:

Bitter iridoids (verbenin, verbenalin), volatile oil, alkaloids, mucilage and tannins.

Main Actions:

  • Nervine tonic
  • Mild sedative
  • Antispasmodic
  • Diaphoretic (encourages sweating to break fever)
  • Hepatic (liver function)
  • Stimulates bile secretion
  • Mild bitter

Major Safety Issues:

  • Should be avoided during pregnancy and in people with heart insufficiency.