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Who We Are And What We Do
Gut & Digestive Health

Optimize your mind and body's well-being by prioritizing the health of your gut and digestion. Embark on a transformative journey of nourishment, healing, and renewed vitality as you unlock the secrets to a vibrant life. Say goodbye to discomfort and welcome a harmonious, thriving gut that fuels your overall health and happiness. Explore the wonders of gut and digestive health and reclaim your optimal well-being today.

Liver Health, Detoxes & Toxic Overload

Discover the transformative potential of a healthy liver and say goodbye to the burdens of toxic overload with a liver detox or toxic cleanse with our gentle detoxification techniques. Experience and embrace your unimaginable liver health benefits as you rejuvenate your body, elevate energy levels, and unlock a realm of vibrant well-being. Embrace the paramount importance of liver health and empower your body to thrive from within.

Adrenal Health

Adrenal Gland Support is vitally essential to elevate your well-being and rejuvenate your energy levels by addressing it head-on. Restore your adrenal balance quickly and successfully to bid farewell to exhaustion, sleepless nights, and unexplained weight gain. You will then boost energy levels and welcome a revitalized life as you nourish your adrenal glands, restore adrenal balance, and reclaim your zest for life. It's time to prioritize your overall well-being and embark on a transformative journey towards renewed vitality with our expertly crafted and proven successful adrenal fatigue treatment.


Unlock the extraordinary advantages of natural menopause remedies, where the synergy of botanical remedies harmonizes with your body's intricate systems. Embrace gentle hormonal balance restoration to regain your radiant well-being, and a newfound vitality that accompanies our menopause care with natural medicines and honour your body's wisdom.

Weight Loss

Unlock your full potential with our transformative weight loss program. Say hello to a healthier, more confident version of yourself as you shed excess weight, boost energy levels, and experience the sheer joy of a body that feels truly alive. It's time to experience quick and easy weight loss and embrace the incredible benefits of weight loss through our 21-day program, designed to deliver long-lasting results for a happier, more vibrant life.

Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Energy

Liberate yourself from the clutches of stress, anxiety, and improve sleep quality, with our comprehensive stress management techniques. Experience a life of tranquillity, inner peace, and restful slumber as you unlock the power to overcome these challenges with effective and natural anxiety remedies. Embrace a holistic approach that empowers you to regain control, boost energy levels and discover the profound benefits of a calm, well-rested mind, and body.

Herbal Tincture & Dispensing

Enter the realm of herbal dispensing, where the incredible healing power of nature is harnessed through our exceptional premium herbal tinctures and personalized herbal remedies. As one of the largest herbal dispensaries in Queensland, we take pride in providing expertly crafted, and personalized herbal tinctures. Indulge in nature’s healing power and the comforting embrace of botanical remedies as they delicately nurture your well-being, offering a natural and effective solution to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Guérison Formulations

Our formulation company Guérison (the French word meaning 'healing'), provides our own expertly formulated and meticulously prepared, naturopathic healing remedies. All of these products have been proven our most popular products by our happy and relieved customers over many years. These can be purchased through or click on the green link below! You can be guaranteed exceptional quality with naturally sustainable ingredients formulated by our expert Naturopath!

Reset your Metabolism and Lose Weight Easily

HCG Fat Release Drops (30ml) - Weight Loss Program (21 day program)

HCG Fat Release Drops (50ml) - Weight Loss Program (42 day program)

21-Day Program includes 30ml HCG Drops, Instructions & Nutrition Plan PLUS Daily Tracker. (Ideal for those who wish to shed between 7-10 kgs during program*)

42-Day Program includes 50ml HCG Drops, Instructions & Nutrition Plan PLUS Daily Tracker. (Ideal for those who wish to shed between 10-20 kgs during program*)

SAFE, EFFECTIVE & PROVEN Weight Loss Program

CLICK HERE to purchase your 30ml HCG Program TODAY!

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The ONLY Immune Tonic which acts rapidly to treat and also help prevent re-occurences

An expertly formulated blend of premium herbal liquid extracts containing specifically chosen liquid Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Herbs to reduce, eradicate and prevent cold and virus symptoms fast

One of our most popular sellers for the last 4 years now!

Enhances your own healing ability to bring back optimum health quickly

Premium quality, expertly blended liquid herbs to boost your immune system, chase away stubborn symptoms and get you back on your feet quickly!

Our XTREME Immune Tonic can be used for Adults, Children & Babies

Always in limited supply due to being a fast seller!

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Guérison's Wild Yam Cream contains herbs traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to address the symptoms of Menopausal and Menstrual discomfort

Prepare to embrace a life FREE from menopausal discomfort and menstrual symptoms, pains and spasms with Guérison's Wild Yam Cream!

Guérison's Wild Yam Cream provides Hormonal Balance, relief from Body Temperature & Mood Swings

Easy to use! Just massage a small amount into the tender areas such as your abdomen, chest, neck, breasts, inner arms or thighs!!

Owned, Formulated and Made in Australia with all natural ingredients

Guérison's Wild Yam Cream is rich in phytoestrogens. Each 1gm contains 15% Wild Yam Extract, equivalent to 450mg of fresh Wild Yam Root!

Guérison's Wild Yam Cream is expertly and Naturopathically formulated for your peace of mind

Limited stock available! Our Guérison's Wild Yam Cream sells out fast, so act now to secure your hormonal peace of mind and start living your BEST LIFE!!

Herbal Liquid Tonic to eliminate Parasites, Worms & Bacteria (Gram Negative & Gram Positive)

The most powerful, one and only, premium quality, expertly formulated liquid herbal tonic that covers worms, parasites and bacteria (both gram negative AND gram positive)

A one month program taken morning & night (500ml)

Proven over many, many years in clinical practice to be highly effective!

Repair your gut and digestive system and clean out the nasties!

Take control of your digestive and bowel health today!

CLICK HERE to purchase Anti-Parasite, Anti-Bacterial Tonic now!

A Liquid Herbal Detox Formula to cleanse, detox & regenerate your Liver, Kidneys & Lymphatic System

A targeted and thorough, expertly-crafted Liver, Kidney & Lymphatic Detox Tonic

Take daily, morning and night for 1 month to cleanse, detox, regenerate and rejuvenate

Gain more energy, sleep better, feel more alert!

Did you know, that for optimal health, your liver should be detoxed every 12 months?

If you suffer from heartburn, indigestion or reflux, this is a MUST do for you!

Also cleanses and flushes your kidneys whilst re-energising a stagnant lymphatic system

CLICK HERE to purchase your Liver, Kidney, Lymphatic Detox now!

Introducing Guérison KAVA Tonic. Your Natural, Non-Addictive solution for Anxiety, Insomnia, Nervous Tension, Muscular Spasms, Relaxation and much more!

Join the Guérison KAVA revolution! Our Kava is a pure aqueous extract packed with potent, standardised kavalactones and flavonoids in every single dose!

Guérison's Kava comes in pure liquid form, pleasant tasting, no mixing and no muddy water taste.

Experience relief from anxiety, restlessness, muscular and nervous tension, tension headaches and localised pain.

A natural and non-addictive substitute for alcohol without the nasty side-effects!

Guérison's Kava Tonic is a 1:1 mix - meaning each 1ml of the liquid tonic is equivalent to 1000mg of the standardised dried root equivalent

Guérison has Australia's ONLY Kava Tonic that guarantees you are getting the correct amount of therapeutic extract in each dose.

Scientific validation reinforces Guerison Kava Tonic's positive impact on sleep quality. It even shows promise as a compelling alternative to alcohol and pharmaceutical medication withdrawal, offering FREEDOM FROM DEPENDENCY!!