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April 2016

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IS PAIN REDUCING YOUR  ENJOYMENT OR VITALITY FOR LIFE? Unfortunately this is a very common experience for a vast majority of people on a daily basis. Whether it’s a dull persistent low ache, a sharp or dull persistent pain, it’s your body’s way of telling you that inflammation is present and it’s there for a reason! Inflammation can feel like a fire has been lit within your skin and this can be caused by injury, illness or many other conditions such as arthritis, digestive disorders, muscular aches, period pain, headaches, hormones, stress and anxiety, lifestyle choices etc. These all help to keep that fire of inflammation burning. Inflammation may be short term from an injury or irritation or can progress and linger, flaring up at certain times and eventually result...


Nutrition, Wellness & Weight Loss Programs

Many people believe that being overweight is simply an issue of eating too much and not going to the gym! On the other hand, many people believe that if you are not overweight then you must already be healthy and well (or at the very least have a good understanding of nutrition and health). The truth can be quite far from this though. Deciding to take charge of your nutrition and weight will decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, joint disease, hormone irregularities and many more chronic diseases that have the ability to reduce your enjoyment of life. Human physiology is quite complex, with factors such as hormones, toxins and stress affecting your metabolism and standing in the way of achieving your desired health and nutrition goals....


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

This is one of the most useful and non-invasive diagnostic tools for diagnosing mineral imbalances. Your hair, along with other tissues in the body provide a storage area for toxic minerals stored in the body. Whilst blood testing may indicate what heavy metals are being excreted from the body, a hair tissue mineral analysis will give a better indication of what minerals are actually being stored in the body. The hair concentrates toxic metals at levels up to 10 times greater than those in the blood. Excess heavy metals in the body have been linked to various conditions including depression, learning difficulties, mood disorders, hormonal imbalances and digestive disorders. It will provide effective information on levels and deficiencies of 38 different minerals and heavy metals. It provides a good record of...