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If you are FATIGUED, you HAVE to read this….

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If you are FATIGUED, you HAVE to read this….

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Now more than ever before the most common complaint that practitioners and doctors hear from their patients is that they are “tired” all the time. Data shows that up to 25% of patients suffer or have suffered from prolonged fatigue.

Fatigue affects the nervous system which is a major part of the body’s control mechanism.  It has the function of coordinating the activities of the organs with one other.

This coordination allows the body to coordinate as a whole to changes in its external and internal environment. As this control is effected by a dense network of fibres that impulses travel along (very much like telephone wires), the system is supported by complex relay stations in ascending order of sophistication throughout the central nervous system to the brain.

The brain is the coordination centre for keeping all the body’s functions integrated with the needs of the body in a changing world.  The mind can then be seen as the consciousness of the brain’s activities.  The aim is to accept the mind and body as one, as indivisible facets of the whole person.

The main interaction between us and the outside world is the nervous system.  When the function of that system in controlling all the body’s main internal systems is disturbed due to perceived tensions, it results in a functional disturbance that is as real as trains, cars and telephone stations. The real nature of nervous conditions are as functional disorders resulting from perceived tension.

Tensions produce the tension, which in turn creates more tensions. Whilst there are a large number of potential factors in fatigue, many of these affect the same biological pathway creating a roadmap, with which treatments can be focused upon.

By addressing the common denominators of fatigue whilst also looking at the underlying factors it is possible to provide a quick solution for improvement in the patient’s symptoms.

One of the most common denominators of fatigue is the mitochondria of the cell (the cell’s powerhouse of energy). It has the main responsibility of generating energy in every cell of the body.  Science has now found that the there is widespread mitochondrial dysfunction in fatigued patients.  More specifically the mitochondria have been found to be enlarged and contain damaged respiratory chain constituents, DNA mutations and obvious defects in energy production.

Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) is similar to a “rescue remedy” for mitochondria as it has been shown to correct mitochondrial dysfunction in fatigued states and provide obvious benefits to fatigued patients.  As COQ10 has a low bioavailability state, patients will get a higher therapeutic result by using a form of COQ10 that has enhanced absorption as not all COQ10 supplied by manufacturer’s is of the same bioavailable quality.

Whilst most of the mitochondria determine the cell’s energy status, the brain utilizes 20% of our total energy output.  Therefore, it is no wonder that the fatigue person complains of “brain fog”, “poor memory”, poor word recall and slowed motor skills and reaction time.

Another treatment protocol besides the addition of a good quality Vitamin B Complex is a professionally prescribed mixture of herbs to tone and nourish the nervous system which providing invaluable support to calm any pre-existing anxieties of being fatigued.

It is a vicious circle, yet one that can be professionally treated by addressing the core drivers and underlying common denominators whilst also toning, nourishing, supporting and calming yet gently energizing the nervous system with good quality and individually targeted herbal remedies.

If you would like to address your fatigue, please call today to discuss your concerns so you can feel awesome and live life healthier with more energy. Trudy Kither, Naturopath, Nature’s Temple 0408 900 596,

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