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Soul Healing Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy with Spirit & Entity Removal

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Soul Healing Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy with Spirit & Entity Removal

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Now you can utilise a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Quantum Healing technique that does everything! This technique was originally developed over the years by Laura Whitworth, who encountered many situations that are not covered in many popular Past Life Regression Techniques. Clients have Trauma from this lifetime that needs to be worked through before progressing into Past Lives. Or Clients have Entity or Energetic attachments that do not allow them to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state. Clients then need these Entity attachments taken off, their Chakras Re-built and their Aura Re-sealed before we can progress into a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy.  These techniques will assist you in moving along your soul’s journey with ease and no blockages.

Trudy will utilize the Soul Healing Regression Hypnosis (S.H.R.H.) Technique to ensure that any Traumas and Entities are dealt with and any Energetic Adjustments are made before you embark on your Past Life Regression Journey and Higher Self Questions.

The technique assists you in accessing past lives where significant information or healing needs to be completed. During hypnosis, you can gain important information, access the root cause of any emotional, physical or spiritual problems, and be guided to your healing from within.

​S.H.R.H is also a phenomenal tool to ascertain, remove and relocate any earthbound entities that may have lost their way, ET or galactic attachments, dark force energies and attachments, as well as the removal of curses and spells.  A full and thorough scanning of your physical and energetic bodies is undertaken, clearing, cleansing and finally re-calibrating the chakras and auric field.

​It is then possible to speak with your Higher Self to gain further information and advice before requesting healing and upgrades to your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.


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Your 4-Hour Soul Healing Regression Hypnosis (S.H.R.H.) Session includes the following: –

 Pre-Session Chat (1 Hour)

The first Hour involves talking through your Client Paperwork and discussing your requirements and hopes for the session.

 Hypnosis (2 Hours) – Progressive Relaxation

Trudy begins by progressively relaxing the body so that you can successfully enter the Theta Brainwave state.

Hypnosis – Relaxation of The Mind

Trudy then relaxes your Mind so that you will drift beautifully into the Theta State.

Entity Release and Energetic Body Rebuild/Trauma Release

Trudy will then check for Entities or Energy Vampires and remove them with the Archangels. If the Chakras have been impacted by the Entity that has been attached over time, Trudy will rebuild the Chakras with Archangel Raphael and ensure that your Aura is resealed so no new Entities can reattach. If you have any suppressed Trauma that needs to be worked through before you travel into a Past Life, then this will be done here.

Past Life Regression/Multi-Dimensional Soul Travel

Trudy will then regress you into a Past Life or another part of your Multi-Dimensional Self. The Higher Self will naturally guide you to the most pertinent lifetime you need to see to give Clarity in your present lifetime.

Higher Self Questions and Healing

Once the Past Life Regression is complete, Trudy will bring forth your Higher Self to ask your questions and provide any healing that your Higher Self deems necessary.

Booking Process

S.H.R.H. is conducted via your own personal Zoom Link, which will be provided to you by Trudy upon booking. A gaming-style headset with a fixed mic and an un-disturbed room for 4 hours is essential.

4-hour session

via Zoom link


(deposit of $133)

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 Soul Healing Regression Hypnotherapy

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Disclaimer, I, Trudy Kither, am not a medical doctor.  However, I have extensive experience and qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, and Nutrition, and I practice natural medicine. Please be aware that during these sessions, I do not diagnose, cure, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication. All healing is powerful self-healing. Q.H.H.T and S.H.R.H. are not substitutes for conventional medical diagnosis or naturopathic treatments for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek a registered healthcare professional opinion first.

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